Electronic Dog Training Kit – Is It Bad For My Dog?

electronic shock collar

Dog training, unlike what most people think, is actually a serious matter. Untrained dogs can be rowdy and sometimes be violent to strangers. As a pet owner, having to deal with an untrained pet is both stressful and embarrassing.

Dogs are bred to be pets. It has always been that way since we bred them from wild wolves. They are supposed to be our companions, protecting us and helping us hunt. That at least is what their intended functions are. Today, most dogs are trained to be pets and nothing more. That is fine and all but at least they need to be trained good to ensure that their behavior is conducive to human interaction.

New Age of Dog Training Using Electronics

Our technology today has helped us advance the way we train our dogs. Before, the way to train your dogs is to reinforce the reward system and continue to do so until it sticks into their core. That will require patience and can downright be tiring at some times.

By nature, dogs are subservient creatures because we bred them that way. They look for someone to follow as soon as they develop their consciousness, a leader of some sorts. A dog’s behavior reflect closely to the behavior of its owner. Therefore, it is up to the owner to ensure proper training of his dog.

Professional Dog Training Methods

Among the many devices that help train dogs, dog collar is one of the most important devices. Dog training collars help train the dog and force it into good behavior basically. At the same time, you will create an air of authority over them, making them think of you as their leader in the process. That is like hitting two birds in one stone – they become obedient and behaves wonderfully.

One of the most common types of dog training collars is the electronic type. You are probably familiar with this type of collar because it was shown many times in media. It is a somewhat controversial device because of the way it functions. It basically shocks the dog through the use of electrodes embedded inside the collar, and you have the control over it.

Utilizing Electronic Dog Training Collars


Make no mistake, dog training collars can be downright abusive if used incorrectly. The opposite can be said though, and that is what most dog trainers use them for anyway. If used correctly, they can give favorable results and in faster time than the usual training methods.

The way you train your dog using this collar is to zap it whenever it does something bad. Barking at the mailman, zap it. Eating away at the sofa, zap it. So on and so forth. When put this way, it may seem like you’re basically forcing your pet to obey your commands, which you are. But that is also your goal when you use other training methods.

Other training methods are somewhat tamer comparatively but that doesn’t change the fact that your goal is the same – to make your dog obey you. It just so happen that this method of zapping is straightforward and more efficient in nature. Sometimes one or two zaps is all it takes for them to get the message and that’s it. You’re basically done with the training. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for other dog training methods since they require so much time and patience.