How to Identify a Legitimate Electrician

Some individual tends to pretend to be what there are not. There is lots of imposter who claim to be a professional and licensed. Such individual are nothing but a scam that can get your things damaged. They will mess with your home and appliances and in the end you are the one who lose. That is why you need to identify legitimate electrician right before they start working for you. The below point will guide you in identifying the legitimate ones. Stay close and read each point carefully.


Request for the total money upfront

A legitimate electrician won’t request for the total money upfront, prior before completing the Job. Legitimate ones always prefer deposit or supply fee. The case will be different if the electrician is faux. The electrician will want you to pay all the money upfront, with this he is in control. He can easily manipulate your work, run away with your money or fix fake electrical device for you. So be mindful when you are told to pay all the money upfront.

Contact information

A legitimate electrician will give you their contact information because with this you can contact them for more Jobs. Imposter will never give you their contact information or advertise the service offered on trucks, cloth and the likes. Electrician that doesn’t advertise his/her service is not legitimate. Without contact information he can easily disappear with your money without you been able to trace him back

Repair instead of condemnation of your house wiring

A legitimate electrician will want to repair faulty wiring section of your apartment when there is a problem but an illegitimate one will condemn the whole wiring recommending you for complete replacement. When electrician recommends that for you think twice before you make decision. You can easily confirm whether what he said is right or wrong by calling another electrician to check the wiring system needs a completer replacement or not. Most of the electricians  are not faux or illegitimate but yet you have to confirm some things before you fall in

Provide a written estimate

Most legitimate electricians will provide you with a comprehensive estimate of the work he wants to do for you. This will include the amount of material, the labor, and profit. An imposter will not be ready to provide you with such analysis. He will prefer to talk about the diagnosis and suppose face and unnecessary explanations. He will probably give you an exaggerate price. Since he is able to give you the analysis without any formal estimation, you will find it normal; pay more than the normal price you have to pay.

In conclusion the above listed point must have given you the idea of how to indentify legitimate electrician and also fish out the imposter among them. When your electrician has no contact address, request all the money upfront, unable to provide you with his/her contact, then you need to be careful before you take any critical decision.

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